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Faq - Faq from freepolyphonicringtones.uk.com

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As we get asked questions we update this page to try and answer any questions that you may have.

Will your ringtones work with my phone?

Provided that your phone is capable of playing a polyphonic ringtone in .mid format then all of the ringtones on this site should work on your phone, there may be file size issues depending on the file size limitation of your mobile, if in doubt consult your mobile phone specification.

How do I get the ringtone onto my phone?

You will need to visit our wap site at http://wap.freepolyphonicringtones.uk.com using your mobile phone wap browser, we have some wap guides available to help you.

I can't connect to your wap site, what do I do?

The first thing you need to check is that your mobile phone has wap/gprs capabilities, if it has then you will need to ensure that the phone settings are correct, setting details for the main UK networks can be found at;


I got an unsupported format message when I tried to download the ringtone, what do I do now?

First you need to check that your phone is compatible with polyphonic tones in .mid format, if it is then there may be a file size issue, on our website you can find out the ringtone file size by right clicking on any ringtone and saving it to your pc, then use windows explorer, select the ringtone and look at the file size. If the ringtone size is larger than your phone can take then you will need to find a smaller ringtone.

Does it matter which network I'm on?

It shouldn't but we are aware that some networks have a nasty habit of blocking wap access to wap sites that provide ringtones, apparently this has something to do with thier adult content barring mechanism, why? we don't know but if we discover any network blocking access to our wapsite we contact them to get our site white listed. You can help to speed the process up by complaing to your network if they block you.

Will your service work in my country?

It should work everywhere, unless your network is blocking you, if they are then the best course of action is to complain, after all you are paying for them to provide a service and they have no right to block.

I do not have a wap enabled phone, can I still get a free ringtone?

Yes you can, you will need to save the ringtone onto your PC and transfer it to your phone by either infra red, bluetooth or data cable.

I couldn't find the ringtone I wanted, can I request one?

We will be adding a request a ringtone form to the site soon.

Do you provide realtones and full length music?

Not at this moment in time, we are in discussions with a company that will be able to provide this service, we will be launching it on the site around November 2005.

My phone isn't compatible with polyphonic ringtones, what can I do?

You will need to find a mono ringtone for your phone, we suggest the free ringtones site, they have a lot of mono ringtones in rttl, keypress and composer format.

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